Book Of Happiness


The Little Book Of Happiness, inspired by British Prime Minister David Cameron's 2011 Big Idea for Britain* - a Happiness Index, to measure the state of Happiness in Britain.  A book of blackly-comic, satirical illustrations from British artists (yes, British jobs for British workers!) on the theme of happiness in Britain in the midst of an austere recession under a Tory government - how good could it really get!?

The Little Book of Happiness. Hang it on your wall at home or in the office and enjoy this beautiful artwork as you measure your own level of Happiness.

Also includes "Snakes & Ladders: Paths of Wisdom"(TM) a newly invented version of the ancient board game for children to help them learn the core values of making the right decisions on the path of life.  Play it with your family as the lights go out all over the country, just like the 1970s!

(*Big Ideas are Subject to the usual U-Turns.)

NOTE: Special Collectors' Limited Edition - The Perfect  Gift.
Some call it a typo, some call it a spelling mistake, but a batch of copies of the Book of Happiness have a small error on the front cover, so this is now a unique opportunity to own a Collectors' Limited Edition copy of the Book.

Crowd-Funding Initiative Offer
The Collector's Special Edition is being used in a unique Crowd Funding initiative to raise support from the public to seed new creative projects as part of "Action For Prosperity"

Read the Book Of Happiness web site for full information.

Standard Editions will be re-released at a future date.

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Book Of Happiness