FreeJag Jaguar XKR-S for free.

FreeJag - HOW It Works

Free-Wheels is part of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan, a wide-ranging programme of economic development to lift the world economy out of recession and to new levels of prosperity through unique, innovative and distinctive products.

This is NOT a sales programme.  You are NOT buying a car, you are NOT making an investment, but you ARE RECEIVING a new prestige British sports car as part of the marketing promotion for the first part of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.

Jaguar XKR & Specials

One of the most distinctive and dramatic British cars on the road today, the Jaguar XKR represents excellence in road performance, British engineering craftsmanship and design talent.  In its XKR-S incarnation it represents an even bolder expression of road performance, and it's all yours for free when you support the Prosperity Plan.

If there is enough interest then a special edition may be crafted with Jaguar, to embody the essence of the Prosperity Plan celebrating your support and participation in this historic programme of action to lift the world out of recession.

Contact for more details using the links on the left.

WHO's It For?  Wealthy Supporters 

The FreeJag/FREE-Wheels programme is available for wealthy individuals wishing to support the Prosperity Plan and engage it to stimulate the revival of the economy.  It offers a cost-effective advantageous way to acquire a new car for a full cash sponsorship of the Plan.  This confers unique financial advantages from regular car acquisition.

FAQ - Jaguar

Q: Do you have a dealership relationship with Jaguar?
A: There's special contact direct into Jaguar Head Office Sales Department.

Q: Is there a deadline for this?
A: Yes, get in early before the government close any tax loopholes.

Q: Where do I learn more?
A: If you're interested in joining then contact me here and we'll talk directly.  Contact details are on the left sidebar.

Q: Can we meet to discuss this?
A: Possibly, if you're in the North-West where I'm based and working hard on the three core industries of the Prosperity Plan: automotive, aerospace and construction. Or you'll be sent an information handout.


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