Lotus Evora GTE For FREE

GTE for Free - HOW It Works

Free-Wheels is part of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan, a wide-ranging programme of economic development to lift the world economy out of recession and to new levels of prosperity through unique, innovative and distinctive products.

This is NOT a sales programme.  You are NOT buying a car, you are NOT making an investment, but you ARE RECEIVING a new prestige British sports car as part of the marketing promotion for the first part of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.

This begins with a new limited edition UK-specified Lotus Evora GTE.

Evora GTE Limited Edition - 30 Units

To stimulate public interest and give you a special treat a special limited edition Evora GTE will be commissioned for the Prosperity Plan to give to thirty selected supporters.  Only thirty units will be made available to the public for your support of this unique economic plan.

The principal features of distinction will be: (1) distinctive matt black and brushed gold metal colour scheme, (2) carbon black, grey and midnight blue interior, (3) individually numbered, (4) historic model as part of the foundation for the Prosperity Plan, if the Plan succeeds these will be the first automotive products in the world given to the public from the Plan and become a notable and valuable part of history.

Other GTE For FREE

Standard UK-specific road models of the GTE will be available from Lotus if there is sufficient public demand and support to the Plan.  The advantageous offer of FREE-Wheels makes it an exception way for you to contribute to the revival of the economy and stimulate new UK automotive production.  Book your commitment to the Plan today and receive your GTE soon.

Evora S & Other Models

The FREE-Wheels aspect of the Prosperity Plan offers all Lotus models under the Prosperity Plan, the more you sponsor to the Plan the more options you have to take a car from the Plan.

Lotus plans future models, such as the striking 4-door Eterne, and these too will be available for booking in the near future.

WHO's It For?  Wealthy Supporters

The Lotus/FREE-Wheels programme is available for wealthy individuals wishing to support the Prosperity Plan and engage it to stimulate the revival of the economy.  It offers a cost-effective advantageous way to acquire a new car for a full cash sponsorship of the Plan.  This confers financial advantages from regular car acquisition.

FAQ - Lotus

Q: How can you offer a GTE if they're not producing it!!??
A: Because they will produce it if there is sufficient demand; and because the FREE-Wheels offering - a free car to wealthy sponsors of the Prosperity Plan - will make it exceptionally advantageous to put the GTE into production immediately.

Q: Is there a deadline for this?
A: Yes, get in early for the Special Edition and before the government close any tax loopholes.

Q: Where do I learn more?
A: Try a local Lotus dealer, and if they're not interested in joining us then contact me here and we'll talk directly.    Contact details are on the left sidebar.

Q: Can we meet to discuss this?
A: Possibly, if you're in the North-West where I'm based and working hard on the three core industries of the Prosperity Plan: automotive, aerospace and construction. Or you'll be sent an information handout.


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