Frequently-Asked Questions

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Q: How much do I pay for a car?
A: Nothing, this is NOT a sales site or sales offer, the cars are given away to supporters of the Prosperity Plan.  When you engage the plan to start lifting the economy out of recession you'll receive your own free car.
Q: Okay, so how much does this sponsorship cost?
A: Depends on how much you want to contribute to making a better world. Leave your details to discuss this confidentially.
Q:  Is this tax-deductible?
A:  Discuss the details with your financial advisors, but engaging the Prosperity Plan through Free-Wheels is a business expense to advance your commercial health through a healthy growing economy.
Q:  Tell me about these Special Editions, can you really provide them?
A: Yes, according to the companies already contacted.  If there is enough interest then a special Edition becomes a great option.
Q:  Which companies are you working with?
A:  Currently only British companies have shown an openness.  These are Lotus and Jaguar.
Q:  Is the SUV-B1-505 going to be available with the same offer?
A:  Yes, or a better one, wait and see, and get your name down today, it's a Limited Special Edition.
Q:  Do I contact you about the car or a dealer?
A:  The Prosperity Plan offer is available through participating dealers and agents around the UK. Their details are posted here eventually (go to the sub-listing for the manufacturer you're interested in).  Otherwise contact Free-Wheels directly for further details and to accept your support of the Prosperity Plan.
Q: Why do you feature some cars and brands prominantly and don't feature others?
The featured brands mean there is already a dealer active to support you or a direct contact with the manufacturer's for delivery of your next free supercar.
If you're a manufacturer or dealer and want to join then get in touch today.
Q: How does this compare with other car finance?
A:  There is NO COMPARISON, this is not a car finance deal, but a way for you to engage in the Prosperity Plan for the benefit of the entire economy, and receive a free car as your bonus.
Q:  So what IS this Prosperity Plan?
A: A sophisticated strategy to lift the country out of recession and attract millions of pounds in investment, lending, business development, growth and employment, opportunities.  It has the potential to launch new economic reforms, create tens of thousands of new jobs and much more.
Q:  Can I invest in the Plan?
A:  You can invest in a range of opportunities spinning out from the Plan, and more at they come along.
Q:  What's this solution to traffic congestion and pollution in our cities?
A:  Motorbikes.  Free-Wheels was originally created to sponsor the launch of a new age of bikes and scooters to reduce traffic congestion in our cities from commuters.  The car offers are a way to raise the money and public attention needed for the bike solution.  It will take several years to implement this without government support.
Q:  Will the government support this?
A: Unlikely , they're about (Jan. 2012) to squander upto £34,000 millions on a couple of hundred miles of railway line using out-dated technology and foreign investment finance, neither of which are needed for this country.
Q:  So there's a better way?
A:  Yes, Free-Wheels is the beginning.  Join today and share in the rewards of a more prosperous world, and get a brilliant piece of British engineering craftsmanship.
Q:  Who are you?
A:  Michael Bond, founder of Sterling-Bond Escrow Services, and specialist escrow and project finance agent for the last ten years since beginning my development work at Manchester University. The Prosperity Plan is a spin-off from all this work to provide solutions to cost and risk in inter-business transactions and project finance management.  Also part-time designer and inventor.


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