SUV-B1 inspired by the Batmobile for all playboy superheroes.

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The Rumbler

Inspired by the fictional Batmobile*
A unique project.  To turn a dream into reality - the RUMBLER (SUV-B1-505) is for every playboy millionaire superhero who wants to take on the bad guys, or just look good on great wheels.

A dramatic, practical and high-powered interpretation of a true superhero vehicle combining military-grade engineering, dramatic design lines, distinctive personal security features and hand-engineered craftsmanship. 

The RUMBLER is intended as a practical, high performance on and off-road car for those who want to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Limited Edition

This is a unique design concept, and a uniquely limited edition will be offered to those sponsoring the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan. 

Two models.  Only five hundred of each will be available: a 2-seat "Pursuit" model and a 4-seat "Commando" model.

* Batmobile is trademarked by Warner Brother.  There is  no connection between this project and the original vehicle other than artistic inspiration.


  • Distinctive and unique design, not a movie prop.
  • Limited Edition in two distinctive models.
  • Military grade engineering.
  • Off-road Sports performance.
  • Only available to sponsors of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.
  • British designed, built and supported.
  • It's a beast - not suitable for narrow English country lanes.
  • 100% Cash refund on your sponsorship.

Suggested Uses

  • Enjoy the pleasure of power and performance in a private military-style and military scale supercar.
  • Look REALLY good on a great set of wheels.
  • Treat it an investment for you and your friends as the value appreciates over time.
  • Create your own private timeshare owner's club.
  • Let your imagination free.
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"Yes, it does come in black."