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"All the social, economic and environmental problems in the world can be solved,
but the solutions are not politically-correct." - Michael Bond


Free-Wheels is one small part of a solution to a very large problem, and although the answers are difficult ones to implement they are not impossible to achieve, this is the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.

Free-Wheels was conceived to solve the fundamental problems of road traffic congestion and air pollution in the UK through a new innovative financial programme, and to stimulate the development of alternative forms of personal urban transport.

While this continues to be developed the current (2012) Free-Wheels service offers wealthy supporters the opportunity to participate in this broad Plan by giving out new prestige British sports cars.

These cars are either existing models or new design concepts to be produced to the highest standards of British engineering and design excellence and will only be available to supporters of the Prosperity Plan.  They are NOT FOR SALE by any regular channel.

You can learn more about and track the future development of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan here:  CommonwealthOfMan


Foundation & Founder

Free-Wheels and the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan were created by finance and technology design specialist Michael Bond.

Founder of Sterling-Bond Escrow Services and experienced escrow financial manager since early work at Manchester University in 2001, Michael has built on the last decade's experience to develop the Prosperity Plan as a new model for economic revival and growth.

through Sterling-Bond Michael specialised in creating low-risk to no-risk strategies to protect the interests of inter-business traders, investors, for project management and more.  The Prosperity Plan is a direct result of this development work - a unique economic model that reduces all effective cost and risk.

Technology Innovator

As technology innovator and designer Michael has developed a range of innovative initiatives for new products.  In the automotive sector these include the light-hearted proposals for the "Lamb Drover" alternative for a future Land Rover Defender, and the SUV-B1-505 inspired by the Hollywood Batmobile from the "Dark Knight" series of feature films.

As the Free-Wheels initiative grows the latter model will be added and made available exclusively to participating sponsors.

You can follow Michael's private work through his site at: Worldmaker.org



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