Cost of Acquisition

Free-Wheels.Biz - Extreme Financial Performance.

Free, but... save upto £25,000 net income

Everyone will ask "How much does it really cost?"

Compared to a regular car purchase in the UK the net effective cost, to your net income, of a Free-Wheels car acquisition is upto £25,000 cheaper then acquiring, say, a £70,000 on-the-road prestige sports car.

REMEMBER, this is NOT a car purchase, just a way to reflect how it compares when you support the Prosperity Plan.

This is to demonstrate the Extreme Financial Performance of the Prosperity Plan, both here and through future programmes and benefits for sponsors and subscribers around the world.

If you want to learn more and discuss your own sponsorship of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan then get in touch today.

Gross Savings

Compared to regular car acquisition you can save tens of thousands of pounds on the gross cost of new prestige car acquisition.


Lotus Evora S - OTR = £70,000
Save £50,000 gross cost.
Jaguar XKR-S - OTR = £100,000 (estimated)
Save £60,000 gross cost.
Lotus Evora GTE - OTR = £100,000 (estimated)
Save £60,000 gross cost.
Lotus Evora GTE Special Edition - OTR = £150,000 (estimated)
Save £100,000+ gross cost.
Rolls Royce (Future PP*) - OTR = £350,000 (estimated)
Save £200,000 gross cost.

These comparative savings are estimates based on one set of financial circumstances for supporters in the UK.  Your circumstances may be different and the resulting savings will differ.

* Rolls Royce Future concept to be added later when they join the programme.


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