Lamb Drover, alternative Defender concept. Lamb Drover, (Trademark), the alternative to the Land Rover Defender future concept design.

The Alternative Concept Replacement For the Land Rover Defender

A week ago Land Rover announced their concept for the future replacement of the Defender.  Some critics said it looked good; but was it really an evolution in this core light utility vehicle, or an attempt to blend the Defender into the current styling range of Land Rover's products?

I believe this was revolution not evolution and decided to offer my own suggestions, the Lamb Drover, and if there's enough interest then...

Michael Bond
9th, September, 2011

Core Concept

Download a full Lamb Drover alternative to the Land Rover Defender briefing here (2 meg. doc. may take a few minutes to download).
View the entertaining video about the Lamb Drover on YouTube.
Stay in touch with developments at Twitter: @mbprosperity.
Visit the Lamb Drover Web site
for more information.

Prices - FREE

As with all FREE-Wheels proposals the Lamb Drover alternative to the Land Rover Defender concept will be "FREE" to those who sponsor or subscribe to the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.

Funds are held in escrow for the fulfilment of the design, development and delivery of the new car.

Single orders or bulk corporate/government orders, the same principle applies - 100%, full cash refund of your sponsorship. 

This is NOT an investment, nor solicitation to investment.  Your participation becomes one element in a wide-ranging programme of economic development to lift the world out of recession and create long-term sustainable prosperity.  Earnings from the Prosperity Plan repays all sponsorship or subscriptions.

In most cases your support ought to be tax deductible and refunds will be free of tax.


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