The Prosperity Plan

There are fundamental solutions to all the social, economic and environmental problems in the world today.
This is the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.

A Brief Introduction to Prosperity

Date: 2012.

The world is in the midst of another recession; but there is a solution, this is the Prosperity Plan - to gather the money and technical resources and make the breakthroughs needed in new economics, new business, new technology, new vision for a bolder, brighter better world.

At no financial cost or risk to its sponsors and subscribers.

Free-Wheels is part of that solution and your participation will become instrumental in both the success of Free-Wheels and the launch of the Prosperity Plan, and you get a free car.

The Prosperity Plan is one of the most sophisticated strategies for economic revival, but Free-Wheels makes it very easy to understand.

Engaging The Prosperity Plan

When you participate through Free-Wheels you are engaging the Prosperity Plan to improve your life, your business, your opportunities and the economy. 

  • You will become a supporter to the Prosperity Plan.
  • You will receive a free sports car.  
  • The Plan does the rest.

Your support will be used to undertake a wide range of activities to stimulate economic activity, social and environmental initiatives and much more. 

Reviving Key Sectors

Over a dozen key industrial sectors have been identified to benefit from the Prosperity Play, including:-

  • Automotive industry
  • Industrial design and innovation
  • Aerospace sector
  • Aviation industry
  • Light engineering
  • Media & entertainment industry
  • Civil engineering
  • Advanced materials and processes
  • "Blue Sky" research and development

Not Government

The Prosperity Plan is not a government initiative, nor does it receive backing form the government.  Nor is it likely to.  This is an entirely private initiative to undertake new economic stimulation and solve key economic and environmental problems.

We don't have time to wait for the government to debate and act on these extremely complex problems.

The Prosperity Plan will solve them for everyone's benefit.

Ask about it all by meeting the founder.

Free-Wheels - Carbon Friendly solution to urban traffic congestion and air pollution

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