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Introduction to Free-Wheels

Free-Wheels is part one of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan, a wide-ranging programme of economic development to lift the world economy to new levels of prosperity through new, unique, innovative and distinctive products, services and financing.

The special focus of Free-Wheels is the automotive industry - cars, bikes, and much more - to give you the opportunity to take part in the Prosperity Plan and benefit directly from it today.

Environmental Solutions

Free-Wheels is the principal channel for all automotive and transport technology innovation and FREE acquisition for new product, special editions and more. Through this we will gather the resources to solve our long term problems and work together to improve our world.

At the heart of Free-Wheels's conception was a radical solution to the issues of road traffic congestion, air pollution and congestion charges.

This solution is the promotion and development of the motorbike and scooter market, to transform our, British, roads with new generations of safe bike user and enthusiast.  To make bikes and biking popular, sexy, fashionable, stylish - the alternative choice to a car for regular urban travel.

Key Benefits

  • New Innovations
  • Distinctive Products
  • Unique, Special and Limited Editions
  • British Designed & Built
  • Tax Deductible Sponsorship/Membership Packages
  • First Choice of New Opportunities
  • Full Cash Refunds
  • VIP Club and World-wide Network Options
  • A Better World For All

Key Objectives

  • Fund-raising for the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.
  • Free Bikes - the effective alternative to urban traffic congestion and air pollution.
  • New technology innovation and development.
  • Transform public attitudes to solutions in favour of technology innovation.
  • Offer effective alternatives to congestion charges, taxation and more legislation.
  • Make cost of ownership lower/free.
  • Stimulate economic activity in all automotive engineering and manufacturing in the UK and around the world.

Free-Wheels - Carbon Friendly solution to urban traffic congestion and air pollution

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