Stargate : Fallen illustration for new Stargate feature film in the style of Pitch Black.

Stargate : Fallen
Answer to Roland Emmerich's Question - Do We Want A New SG Film
Yes We Do, And Here's The Pitch

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Stargate : Fallen

Dateline: 4:30pm Friday 25th, October, 2013.

Late this morning I read Roland Emmerich's facebook query, should there be another Stargate film?

Of course, many people, would say, yes there should, and there is plenty of support around for the right kind of film; but in the current economic climate, following a summer of failed blockbuster/tentpole movies, the question is what kind of Stargate film.

I've already drawn up my draft proposals for a new Stargate TV show (Stargate-X: Hell Worlds) which is currently a spin-off from my own concepts for the Hell World Sci-Fi film series.  With all this Science Fiction buzzing in my mind I did conceive of a way to create a modest, low-risk Stargate film.

In the last couple of hours I've drawn this up in answer to Roland's question, if you Roland, any investors are interested then drop me a line.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support.

-  Michael Bond


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A Stargate team arrive on a world through a gate that's fallen over close to an abandoned community.  They're investigating the fall of an ancient civilization and have to learn the truth before it threatens their own survival.


Science fiction thriller, with some hints at comedy.
Closest approximation: "Stargate in Pitch Black".

Business Pitch

A lean production kept on a strict budget ought to deliver a suitable film to test the waters for prospective future developments, including my own Stargate-X concept, and the revival of the Stargate franchise.


Download the following 3-page draft sample drawn up this afternoon in answer to Roland's challenge.

  Sample pages "Stargate : Fallen


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IP SPECIAL NOTICE:  For the avoidance of all doubt, this and related pages are solely for the creation and presentation of a creative pitch of Stargate-related materials to MGM, owners of the Stargate franchise.  No intention exists to use the "Stargate" name in any other fashion and this page will vanish should the pitch fail.  However, all original creative work, designs, styles, names, titles, etc., remain the sole, exclusive and nontransferable intellectual property of Michael Bond and may not be used by any party, including MGM, for any commercial activity without prior, written permission. 

[Keys:  Stargate, Stargate Fallen, Hell Worlds, new Stargate show, Stargate TV show, Stargate : Fallen is an SF concept for a new Stargate feature film inspired by the challenge from Roland Emmerich, concept by Michael Bond.]

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