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Pt. 1 - Introduction

web'-cin'-e-ma: (n) a nonprofit organization dedicated to the independent filmmaker using internet new media technologies to finance, create, produce, distribute and market independent film.

     Webcinema was launch in 1998 by New York independent film producer Jonathan Sarno, as a means to use the internet for independent film producers to network and support each other in their struggles. From this initial foundation the Webcinema network has grown to embrace film-makers around the world.
     The key means of contact is through the webcinema mail list server which delivers either a daily digest of news, comment, mailings from members or a direct list server which provides every member with a copy of all mail on the system.
     Since its first inception the Webcinema list has grown to such an extent that there are now many local lists around the world dealing with the needs of local film producers, and a world list for all members to keep in touch outside their local territories.
     The Webcinema list is a free means to reach out and learn from the experiences of other film-makers, if you have any questions, any opportunities, and job offers then Webcinema is the best way to reach the widest audience.

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Pt. 2 - JOIN

     The Webcienma list server is provided and maintained by Eric Scheid. To join the main Webcinema list or any of the local ones around the world skip over to the List sign-up page here:-

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Pt. 3 - FAQ

No. Question Answer
Q1 What is the Webcinema List?
A networking method for independent new and experienced film-makers to exchange news, ideas, advice, wisdom, etc on the subject of independent film, and to some extent, television production. This is an "industry" network not arts, we make movies, we don't talk about the esthetics and motives of film-makers and their art - go to college if you want to "study" film theory.
Q2 Is Webcinema moderated?
Yes, to a point, but only if you veer wildly off-topic. Please leave anything non-movie/industry at the door on your way in.
Q3 Who belongs to Webcinema?
Anyone in the world interested in movie-making. Principally the main webcinema list is devoted to broad non-local topics and activities or cross-border work. To that extent the list is open to everyone. If you want to discuss something more local, say recruiting for a film in your own area, there are sub-groups of the main list who can help you, but keep in touch with the main list for special opportunities and to learn more about the broader perspectives of the industry. Oh, and it's FREE TO JOIN.
Q4 How do I register?

To join send an e-mail to <webcinema-on@lists.ironclad.net.au>
(Also see above - Pt 2 - JOIN)

Q5 What local groups are there, and how do I join them?
See the previous point (above).
Q6 What's the Producer Course?
There are a lot of "teachers" out there who will charge you thousands to learn how to becom an independent film-makers. Some list members are happy to help answer particular questions. If you have an industry or technical question about production begin "Producer Question: (your question)" or just "Q:(your question)". If you don't have anything direct to contribute please leave the thread to those who can help.
Q7 How do I add a Question, make changes, tell you about your bad spelling?
Address it directly to the little FAQer or just post it here as a "Reply" to this e-mail. And actually it's a six year old keyboard, so some of the keys are stickly and the spelling doesn't come out too well ("always blame your tools!").
Q8   It's a small country in the middle east, near America's oil fields. (sorry, just had to get that one in!)
Q9 What should I post on the list?
Apart from Producers Course try telling us about yourself, your ambitions, your needs, your skills, your current work, your past work, what you want to know, who you want to know, recommendations, pet hates about Hollywood (everyone keeps a few pets in a cage), etc. Basically this is your place to enrich and be enriched by the work in the film industry.
Q10 Can I send HTML formatted e-mails?
No, the listserve is setup to handle PLAIN TEXT only, just set your email programme to plain text for webcinema messages.
Q Who is The Little FAQer?
Someone with far too much time on his hands and needs to get out more.

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Pt. 4 - Links to supporting member sites

Names listed in "order of appearance" on this page.
"New" entries are at the bottom.

Webcinema webcinema Where it all began. Site dead at present (2007)
NORFILMS norfilms.com British production company: Film & TV. Sponsoring this page.
Living Stone Living Stone Belgium production company.
Drunken Angel Entertainment drunken angel Maltese production company.
The Web Newsroom azreporter Covers Entertainment News & Information - send us your press releases Today!
Webtalent webtalent Site for models & actors.
Loose Change LooseChange.tv US independent production company.
Arbor Daze ArborDaze Movie's site: "Arbour Daze"
Flipside Features flipside features Boston, USA, Hi-Definition camera rental and video production company.
kbro Films kbrofilms Movie's site: "Tough All Over"
Off The books offthebooks Documentary site: "Off The Books"
Don Vasicek

donvasicek Writer/Filmmakers/Author's site.
Dora Mae Productions doramae US production company.
Shoot and Slice shoot and slice British indipendent music and film network.
Maynard Films maynard films New York, US production company.
Joe Hansard joehansard Actor's site.
Andrey Stankevich andrey stankevich Moscow, Russia, production company.
ISEE Motion Picture Company iseemovies Canadian production company.
VersusMedia versusmedia Film music location service.
Iconclast Productions iconoclast. inoz Australian production company.
Brillig Productions brilligprods US production company.
Prelude2Cinema prelude 2 cinema US production company.
Michael R. Barnard Productions everybody says goodbye Movie's site: "Everybody says Goodbye"
Scissor Kick Films scissorkick films Production company.
JAYGEEOH! PRODUCTIONS Jaygeeoh US, indie film-maker.
Interscience Productions reedg.tripod US, medical multimedia company.
Robert Weinstein robert weinstein music New York, US, composer.
Studio ArtFX studioartfx Production company: indie animation.
Wicked Witch Productions, Ltd. wickedwitches US, production company.
Automatic Films automatic Danish director/writer.
American Distractions american distractions N.Carolina, US, artists production.
Stormfront Films stormfront films US, production company.
Evann Black help make my film US indie film-maker.
Roadside Pictures roadside pictures Boston, US, film collective.
Oh My Productions oh my productions US indie production company.
Shoot Mexico shoot mexico Mexico, production services.
emission-control California, US, writers' talent agency.
nimble-productions Seattle, US, indie production company.
Man In The Machine Movie site, "The Man In The Machine"
Visual Writer Visual Writer US. Non-profit resource of informaiton and advice for screenwriters.
About Arts Movie Resources Directory of movies related websites and discussion groups.
plugincinema plugincinema Bristol, UK, on-line indie production company.
Jona Pelovska jonapelovska.com Personal artist's web site.
Barcelona Films barcelonafilms.com Texas, US, production company.
Meager Film Productions meagerproductions.net US indie production company.
Mindquake Films
Independent production company.
Spirit Rider

Australian indie production company.

Indie Film Blog indiefilmblog.com

Independent digital producer's blog.

Movie Seals Productions movieseals.biz Montreal, indie Sci-fi/Action director Christian Viel.

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Pt. 5 - Support Webcinema/Link To Norfilms

I you wish to link your web site to this page and help support to growth and expansion of the webcinema network please do so. The following code snippet ought to help:-

<a href="http://www.norfilms.com/webcinema/index.htm"><b>Webcinema - "Networking of Independent Filmmakers"</b></a>

Just copy and paste the above text into your web site page codes and modify as you see fit.
Do you want to make your link more attractive? Take this little logo and add to your own site.
Webcinea Independent Film-makers' network. Sponsored by Norfilms.
If you want to link to Norfilms then here are a couple of graphics you can copy to your own site for a link page, along with the text for the link itself.
Choose the link most suitable to the style of your web site.
<a href="http://www.norfilms.com"><b>Norfilms.com - "UK-based Independent Film, TV and media producers."</b></a>

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Pt. 6 - Site Review & Design

     So, what makes a good site and what makes a really uninteresting one (well, I'm being polite here).

     The Webcinema link list (above) is where you and your film company, group, etc., can communicate and network, where you can promote your services and skills (and maybe attract the occasional passing investor - ha, ha, haaaa!!!!!). Rather than go into an in-depth anaylsis of what makes a good or bad site, as that itself is very often a matter of personal taste of both the creator and the viewer, just as is the matter of film tastes, here are a few of the generally accepted tips and hints:-

    • Review lots of other people's site and see what works and what doesn't.
    • Don't use Flash on the first page...... it takesssss, farrrrrr toooooo lonnnnnggg........... to download.
      And you've just lost your audience.
      Remember internet attention spans are 15 seconds or less.
      Try and keep it quick and simple to load your first page.
    • The same goes for BIG GRAPHICS.
      You've just lost your audience.
    • Avoid almost empty gateway "Welcome" pages that just invite people to "click here" to enter - just get them in and get them reading.
    • Check you site once it's loaded, preferably from an outside computer.
      Then you'll spot all the errors you missed first time around.
      Get friends to review it.
    • Be aware of stray lines of code appearing in remote corners of your site, or elements not working with different browsers (not all the world is run from the vaults of Microsoft's bank).
    • Check the site with different machines, different browsers, different modems.
    • Not everyone has ADSL/DSL broadband.
    • If you have to have big downloads keep them further inside your site,
      warn the viewer what's coming so they can go and make a drink, read a book, whatever passes the time while their 14K modem tries downloading your 10 megabyte opus over the weekend.
    • Don't put big distracting graphics behind the text. It doesn't make it any easier for the reader.
      If you really, really, really have to put something there make the images as faint and non-distracting as possible.
    • The cleaner the better.
    • Good contrasts are the best -
      Black text on a white background.
      Black text on a slightly off-white background is possibly even better.
    • To much white glare can strain the eye. I believe that a slightly off-white background reduces the eyestrain for long reading. (Remember the original PC blue screen? So much easier on the eye.)
    • Keep pages/sections reasonably short.
    • Do what newspapers do - narrower columns for easier reading of large bodies of text.
    • Break your pages up into smaller ones.
    • KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) - the busier/more cluttered your page the more difficult to navigate/read.
    • If you get any complaints about the design blame your design agency and tell them you'll never use them again (even if you did design it yourself), then go and get a book on design.

      Hope this has been of some help.

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Pt. 7- Audio Networks Offering - Music For Your Movie!

Webcinema Members Offer - Audio Network Music Licence.

If you're production company is part of the Webcinema network then you can take advantage of an introductory offer being made by film music licensing company Audio Network. They are offering all Webcinema members an unlimited licence from their music library for a single fee. That is: access to 60 CD's worth of music for your soundtracks and all music is cleared for your use worldwide. Details of the offer are here:
http://www.audiolicense.net/news/2004_02_02.asp (note: that although the offer states that it is available to PACT members this offer has been extended through Norfilms to Webcinema members, if you have any queries about this then contact us to assist or Robert Hurst at Audio Network).

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Pt. 8 - Screenwriters' Resources

Are you looking for support in preparing a screenplay. want a template to format a script correctly, looking for FREE screenwriting sofware or further infromation and advice? Here are a couple of links to help you along (and if you know of more then let me know and I'll add then when I have time).

  • Rough Draft
    This is a free writer's word processor especially written for various forms of writing format, including screenplays. Although free I recommend you MAKE A DONATION to the creator as a thank you when you get rich with your first commission.
    Note original web site may be dormant, but other sites may still be holding the software to download - or maybe you know some good programmers who could work on a new free application (we'd be happy to help co-ordinate efforts for a good quality application for all writers).
  • BBC's Writersroom
    A good resource of advice, information and their "Smart Script" WORD templates to help in your writing.
  • My Lotus WordPro Template
    If, like me, you avoid Misrosoft products like the plague and have settled on Lotus WordPro then here is a copy you can download of the screenplay template I created for my writing. Absolutely no support, brief notes appear when you open the template, just write over them when you begin writing.
  • Creative Screenwriting
    This web site associated to the subscription magazine offers a free weekly digest on new theatrical and video film releases from the point of view of writing and writers.  If you want to keep in touch and learn through reviews and articles this is a great way to do so.

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Pt. 9 - Other Links

Rather than create another "Links" page for non-webcinema links I've decided to add a list of selected links to other's here.  If you're a webmaster and you want to engage in a reciprical link exchange we can arrange it here.  If you subsequently join and use the webcinema list server to talk to the independent film-making community let us know and we'll "promote" you to the higher list (above), AND you can be entered into the Webcinema Sites Review of the Year.
NOTE: sorry no room for lots of graphics, banners, etc. We want this page to download quickly and be easy to navigate and use for all film-makers and enthusiasts.

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