The Lamb Drover

A light-hearted alternative to the Land Rover Defender when it's finally sent to the lamb chop shop.

Rumbler Sport Tank, right wing angle


In 2011 Jaguar Land Rover began the process of replacing the iconic and world-famous Land Rover Defender.  And the first drafts weren't all that exciting or inspirational.

However the fate (doom?) of the Defender was an inspiration for this draft alternative, a replacement to the Defender to come after the creation of the Sport Tank.

The "Lamb Drover" draws its basic form from the Defender, with enough alterations to bring it up-to-date and not infringe on any rights claims by Jaguar Land Drover.



Designed by Bond

Like the Rumbler Sport Tank the Rumbler Lamb Drover will incorporate a range of innovations for work and safety.

As you can see from the illustration above (pesky lambs get everywhere) the B pillar is removed to open doors outwards for maximum capacity and access to all the farm machinery you need to deal with pesky lambs, and any other work demands.

The engine will be a new spin-off from the Rumbler's powerhouse, a lightweight diesel/bio-fueled variant that will deliver the torque needed for most work demands in any industry.

The body form will celebrate the core features of the famous Defender with enhancements for added technology, space, safety and a little more comfort.  However, the Lamb Drover will aim to retain the core compactness of the Defender - this is no over-bloated pickup truck that would get stuck in the first little English country lane.

Delivery & Prices

All development & delivery of Lamb Drover is subject to the launch of the Rumbler.  Delivery schedule will be about 3 years after launch of the Sport Tank and its innovations in auto-technology as they are transfered to the Lamb Drover.

Prices are expected to be appropriate to the demands of a cost-effective light utility vehicle (LUV) for all commercial, government and NGO users.


Rumbler Sport Tank, Batmobile for real, close-up right wing detail


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