RUMBLER Ultra-Smart Watch

A Limited Edition, Rumbler-themed Advanced Ultra-Smart Watch.

Designed by Bond

Smartphones are getting smaller and smarter, but they're suffering a problem with design.  The latest generation of wristborne digital devices (WDDs?) look more like WristBricks(TM) than smart phones.

Here, with the Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch, is an alternative design concept for all Rumbler clients and enthusiasts who want an elegant, stylish and high performance taste of luxury with state-of-the-art technology.

Combining an elegant style with bespoke interface controls to make this a superbly ergonomic ease of use, the Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch bring you another example of the Best of British luxury design by Bond.

Details of the concept design for the Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch HERE.

Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch, Limited Edition, from Michael Bond, 2013


Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch, Limited Edition, from Michael Bond, 2013

Ultra-Smart Watch - Specifications

With approximately a two and a quarter inch touchscreen on top of a half inch thick core body the Rumbler Watch is no lightweight in advanced wearable technology and elegance.

The two side wings add another inch to the width and embody interactive controls to improve your use of the underlying core digital technology, combining computer, phone and more.

A new interface application set of functions are created that combine the ease of use with a single-button control over key functions. 

The side paddles and buttons enhance your interaction on the face touchscreen.

Using these controls you have access to and power over all your smarter mini applications ("Smapps" / "miApps"?).

This is not an attempt to recreate a shrunken smartphone, but a new generation of interactive and beautiful technology for your convenience, your work, your pleasure.



Elegance in Electronics

There is no law that says every wristborne digital device has to be a big black brick.

The Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch will be available to clients and enthusiasts in a Limited Edition of brushed gold on a titanium case.

Internally the core electronics may be upgraded on a regular basis, allowing you to enjoy and use the Watch for years to-come and take advantage of new advances in the latest control screen, camera and power technology.

The watch comes in a package with all the accessories needed to enjoy it wherever you are.  These include matching bluetooth headset, radio-based recharger and wi-fi booster pack for your home and office.  Internal, expandable memory slots may be incorporated to allow almost any storage as micro cards improve in capacity.

Configuration of the watch will be through a separate application for your PC/tablet/laptop.  Here you select, configure and install your chosen applications, set up your ideal interface and backup all your data and configurations if you want to up-grade your watch in the future.


Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch, Limited Edition, from Michael Bond, 2013



Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch, Limited Edition, from Michael Bond, 2013

Background History

5th, September and the Samsung company announce their new "smartwatch".  While reading the reports Michael was struck by the plain simplicity and lack of elegance in their design and others currently being offered on the market.

Over the following weekend Michael was driven to draft the new Ultra-Smart Watch as an answer to the "WristBrick" fashion dominating smartwatch design and offer you the opportunity of experiencing better design, better engineering.

In addition to the styling has Michael conceived of the underlying control logic, the key control features needed to make this an easy, convenient and stress-free experience.  "Smart" should not mean stressful.

Smart, sleek, stylish, the Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch.

Limited Edition

The Rumbler Ultra-Smart Watch is only available as a Limited Edition for Rumbler clients and enthusiasts.

Order book will be open when the Rumbler is ready to launch.

If you wish to be kept in touch then leave your details or stay in touch with Michael via his Twitter announcements (see link below).


Stay in touch with Michael and the Rumbler at Twitter: @mbprosperity
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