Rumbler Sport Tank, right wing angle

The RUMBLER Sport Tank

A unique concept in high performance automotive design and engineering.


It's  "No Joke".  Inspired by the Fictional Batmobile* from "Dark Knight" Hollywood movies, this is a concept-turned-real for the creation of the ultimate Superhero Utility Vehicle (SUV) for every playboy/playgirl billionaire who dreams of saving the world from all the jokers out there.

The Rumbler is a unique vehicle and a new concept in supercar development - a Sport Tank.  The Rumbler Sport Tank combines luxury design, precision British craftsmanship and robust military-grade engineering specifications for enthusiasts, collectors and investors everywhere to enjoy the greatest automotive adventures.

Here you can learn more about the background to the Rumbler, the investment opportunities and how to acquire your own Rumbler with a unique financial package for all high net worth clients.

And yes, it does come in black. 

[*Batmobile name, title trademarks, etc., belong to Warner Brothers/DC Comics(?), who have no role in this project.]


Designed by Bond

The Rumbler Sport Tank has been conceived by design and innovation specialist Michael Bond.  By day a specialist in international finance as a trusted escrow agent and project finance manager for the safe settlement of inter-business trade transactions, and by night his alter-ego creates new innovations in design and advanced technology to save the world environment. 

The Rumbler Sport Tank was a challenge to create a real, practical interpretation of the fiction - to make it real, to make it work.  This is the result and now you can share in it.

The Rumbler Sport Tank is intended to act as your personal adventure supercar and embody a range of new innovative concepts in technology to reduce pollution and maintain the performance demanded of all superheroes.

View more of the concept design in the SLIDESHOW.

Rumbler Sport Tank, Batmobile for real, close-up right wing detail


Rumbler Sport Tank, the Batmobile for real, front profile

Ultimate Price Experience

Rumbler Sport Tank acquisition give all clients the maximum benefit of ownership at the minimum effective cost through suitable tax-efficient means of participation in this unique supercar.

Full purchase details available upon launch.

(*Tax-efficient benefits will depend on your financial status & location.)


"Invest" Today

Rumbler Cars are open for business.  If you have an interest in participating as a private lender to this unique Limited Edition then leave your details for further information. 

Learn more and register your interest in The Rumbler Sport Tank Limited Edition: HERE.



Rumbler supercar for all playboy billionaires, rear wing detail




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