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WARNING: Scammers, Be Wary

There are many so-called "boiler room" frauds in the world.  People are under constant pressure to make investments in supposed high-income earning properties, carbon credits, land banking,  rare gems, fine wines or shares in companies with no chance of a return.  This only profits the fraudsters in their endless greed.

Be aware that NO Stocks, shares or other transferable investment certificates are issued by Rumbler Cars via any agent anywhere in the world.

Be aware that no agent has been authorised by Rumbler Cars to issue shares in the company for any investment purpose.

No stocks are available on any stock market and none will be available for the foreseeable future.

If IN DOUBT then please contact Rumbler Cars IMMEDIATELY and take no further action until you have received verification from Rumbler Cars via this web site.



The majority of all financial transactions will be conducted through Sterling-Bond accounts established by the founder of Rumbler Cars as a neutral holding facility.

If you receive any instructions to send money to any other party then please CONTACT RUMBLER CARS (Investor Alert) immediately - DO NOT SEND funds to anyone without confirmation of their authenticity by Rumbler Cars.

CALL Rumbler if in doubt...

e-mail Rumbler Cars Here (Investor Alert) if:-

  1. You are approached to buy shares in Rumbler Cars, the Rumbler Sport Tank or any other product from Rumbler Cars. 
  2. You are pressured by aggressive sales tactics.
  3. You are offered shares from anyone claiming to be an agent of Rumbler Cars and who can not prove they are a representative of Rumbler Cars.
  4. You are offered deals, profit, rewards that appear too good to be true.
  5. You are invited to take part in any special investment that has not appeared on this web site.
  6. You have any doubts about the authenticity of the seller or the proposition.
  7. You are requested by telephone or e-mail to alter the destination of your investment deposits at the last minute.
  8. You are visited by someone in person claiming to represent Rumbler Cars or Sterling-Bond.

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