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Crowd Funding Rewards

NOTE:  This page is out-of-date following the end and unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign.  Some of these rewards may eventually become available by other routes should the project succeed elsewhere.  - MB, 18/Nov/2013

Crowd Funding rewards to Kickstarter and related communities.

Dateline: Wednesday 28th, August, 2013.

These are the basic rewards to-date on the Crowd funding appeal to everyone who pledges their support.

Target:  To raise £45,000 (minimum) up to £300,000+ (maximum?).

Aim of Project:  Write script for the first "Hell World" story; convert story into graphic art novel; develop storyboard/graphic art and design details for film development; establish production office for future development of entire "Hell World" programme; and deliver all material rewards to all pledge supporters, world-wide.

Long Term:  "Hell World" film series of feature films, parallel development of television show, merchandise, video games, graphic art novels, toys and much much more. Additional productions to come after and alongside "Hell World"..?

NOTE: (a) Where goods are to be delivered all world-wide shipping and packaging is included in the pledge sum; (b) SKYPE / other video conferences/seminars MAY be organised for you to talk with the writer (Me!), these are limited by Skype to only 25 people with text or 10 people voice calls at most on first come, first served basis (anyone behaving disrespectfully/illegally will be blocked permanently).

"Half-Script". I can't give the ending and twists away immediately but everyone who participates in this project will receive approximately the first half or two thirds of the finished first draft of the script to enjoy and anticipate the finished project. This will be packaged as a .pdf file and shared with all supporters by email dispatch.

EVERYONE pledging at least this amount will receive this reward, plus your name on the Thank You online listing of all supporters and regular mailing list for updates, further rewards and opportunities to-come.

Ilustrating electronic formatted version of the Hell World draft script reward.
Receive the "Civilian" reward and a unique "Hell World" key ring based on the artwork logo I've created for this promotional stage and to thank you for kick-starting this whole project.

Illustrating Hell World key rings, the original Monster World design and the current Battle Helm style rewards.
Plus, yes, the special and everyone's Kickstarting favourite - Your name down on the "Kicking Hell" list of supporters. This special list will be on the website dedicated to all things Hell Worldy. You'll be there as one of our "Troopers". Point it out to your friends and tell them: "me, me, look it's MEEE!"
(Final design of the key ring to be decided.)

***[World-wide shipping is included in all rewards.]***
NCO:  £25
All previous rewards plus the Illustrated script. The script will be bound in nice, lightweight easily mailed paper with various draft storyboard illustrations.

Each script will be signed by the writer (me!!!) individually and uniquely numbered by an official rubber stamp and delivered to you by liveried postie!

Illustrating the Hell World script with sample storyboards reward.

Plus, yes, the special and everyone's Kickstarting favourite - Your name down on the "Kicking Hell" list of supporters, Rank: NCO.

This special list will be on the website dedicated to all things Hell Worldy. You'll be there as one of our "Troopers". Point it out to your friends and tell them: "me, me, look it's MEEE!"

***[World-wide shipping is included in all rewards.]***
All of the smaller rewards and a Hell World wall poster based on the web page header art.  PLUS a SPECIAL COLLECTORs' REWARD for you making this pledge : I have produced another work of art I can offer you today, it's a sample of my creative writing and design work. This is the Collectors' Edition Book Of Happiness.

The Book Of Happiness is something I can offer you of value from my own talents now rather than waiting for all the other goodies. The Book of Happiness is British political satire, a series of fourteen (14) posters in a wire bound book to hang on your wall at home or work for your entertainment and amusement.

The Book also includes a new children's board game I've created to teach lessons about making decisions in life. Based on the successful ancient game of "Snakes & Ladders" this new game, "Path Of Wisdom", adds a new dimension to play and learning for young children.

Visit the bookofhappiness.co.uk web site to learn more about this uniquely satirical book of art.

Illustrating the Little Book Of Happiness, British satirical political art reward.

(NOTE: Delivery schedule will vary depending on this demand and the need to print the additional copies.)

***[World-wide shipping is included in all rewards.]***
All of the above rewards. PLUS a SIGNED First Edition GRAPHIC ART NOVEL of the script.
This is your chance to receiving something beautiful and unique in the world. If we reach and exceed the minimum funding target the script will be turned into a graphic art novel with the help of illustrators / storyboard artists in the UK, bound, printed and individually SIGNED and NUMBERED to you by the writer (Me!).

NOTE : If we reach a reasonable optimum target of 3,000 pledges for this reward this edition of the graphic art novel it will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.  You, and you alone as supporters of this project, will receive the only publicly available copies of the First Edition Hell World graphic art novel in the entire world - there will be no further publication of this First Edition, anywhere. (If you want to learn more about the writer's ability to produce a graphic art novel then visit The Book Of Happiness web site to see what he's already produced and published.)

NOTE... NOTE... NOTE...: This is the MOST VALUABLE pledge reward package for most people, combining: (1) Book of Happiness (Ltd Ed.); (2) bound Hell World script (Ltd Ed.); (3) Hell World Graphic Art Novel (Ltd Ed, possibly).  

(NOTE: A few additional copies of the graphic art novel will be kept for distribution to prospective backers, film industry partners, reviewers, etc., but the bulk of these will go to you not the general public if the ideal targets are reached.) 

Illustrating the Collectors' book set reward for the Hell World Crowd Funding campaign.

***[World-wide shipping is included in all rewards.]***
Name a character!

As long as you have or you can devise a reasonably sensible and pronounceable name (be sensible please we do have to deal with international audiences) you have the opportunity to be featured in the first script.

There will be space for six male and at least two female characters, of scientists desperately escaping the Hell World and a couple of characters, corporate honchos/staff interns, back on the home world.

See your name in lights! Be splattered across a spaceship's hold as an alien monster gobbles you up, and so much more fun!

Point to your friends when your character appears onscreen, "that's MEEE! Outch!" And if I really like your name (writer's word is God) then you may become a recurring character!

This reward also features all of the smaller rewards.

Illustrating Your Name In Lights reward. Give a good name to one character in the Hell World film.

(NOTE... NOTE...: Names must be legible, sensible and not invented in foreign languages that translate into any form of offensive or obscene language. Do not use the names of existing celebrity or other famous personalities or fictional characters, we will not use "Barrack Barmey", for example. If you use the name of a friend please ensure you have their permission.)

***[World-wide shipping is included in all rewards.]***
Assault the heights of the film industry and show you've got real courage to face up to the Ultimate Challenge.  Join the Executive Command branch.
All the unlimited and Senior Officer rewards and your name in the credits of the first film as Executive Producer when it goes into production.
Put that on your CV/Resume and show your friends, make up your business cards, improve your future ambitions and prospects in any work.
Opportunities will exist to come and visit the production office (travel as your own expense) when we're ready to go into production.  Or come to the Big Read-Through if we reach the higher appeal targets.   Attend the world-wide premier of the first film, and share in a few other goodies we'll work on in the future.

This is a copy of the Kickstarter entries.  Changes may occur there and not be reflected here immediately.  To avoid any doubt go to the Kickstarter project page for the definitive answer.


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IMPORTANT NOTE - FREE SAMPLE: If anyone isn't sure about all this there's a Free Sample of my SF writing at Worldmaker.org

Book Of Dragon's Vale Short Story Link Image

IP NOTICE:  All intellectual property, copyright, applicable trademarks and design rights remain the sole property of the writer (Michael Bond) and are nontransferable.  No use, commercial or otherwise, of the writings, inventions, designs, logos, artwork, in part or whole is permitted without prior written and agreed permission from Michael. 

ORIGINAL WORK NOTICE:  The "Hell World" / "Michael Bond's Hell World" trilogy and associated sequels, prequels, television productions and other creative works in any and all media are the sole, exclusive creative origin of the writer.  No similarity to other works and no infringements on the work of other parties are intended and should not be assumed to imply their endorsement.   Any similarity with any person living or dead is purely coincidental.  If you cannot tell the difference with reality the writer suggests you seek psychiatric help, unless you live in California, in which case it's probably already too late.  Have a nice day.

[Keys:  Hell World Science fiction film series, Michael Bond's Hell World, Alien/Predator concept Sci-Fi film series.  Inspired by Will Smith's "After Earth" and other SF films of the summer (2013).  Hell World is an SF concept for an ongoing series of films from Michael Bond.]

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