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Dateline: Friday, 11th, October, 2013.

$200 Million for New SF Production

The "Hell World" Crowd Funding project on Kickstarter is just the beginning.  There has to be more credibility, more money, more reassurance to studios, financiers, investors that this is a credible programme, and their financial risk is as low as possible.

Product placement, spin-off development and related merchandising are critical to the success and survival of any media project.  This is why I've looked at new, innovative ideas to incorporate in the Hell World and related projects.

If successful this will raise at least $200 million in income to offset investor risk and production costs of one or more films and TV series (upto 100 episodes of TV SF).

-  Michael
October, 2013

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Here's the Money Video for your information.   

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You can follow Michael through his generic Twitter feed on all matters of creativity and the Prosperity Plan for the revival of the economy at:-

Twitter @mbprosperity

There's a facebook page available for you and your social contacts to keep in touch with "Hell World" developments at:-


If you need to leave a message (be polite please) then drop a line here...

  Hell World
  Enquiry e-mail address

NOTE: Cannot take in any ideas for future stories, plans, etc., from outside parties at this stage.  If we're successful in establishing the production office and launching the TV show there will be opportunity for ideas.  Stay tuned here, on Twitter and Facebook for any announcements of this before you send any material.  Michael is NOT ALLOWED to look at anyone else's work at this stage for legal reasons.


Ultra-Smart Watch - $200 Million
My first technology inspiration, conceived to answer the need for better design of smartwatch, the Ultra-Smart Watch offers the potential to appeal to and be enjoyed by millions of people around the world. 
More details on the Project Page for the HWR Ultra Smart Watch.
Hell World Ultra-Smart Watch

Graphic Novels
Following the first of the Hell World graphic novel series, a series of them, following the films, the TV show and independent writing.  Could you write for Hell World?
Hell World illlustration, possible artwork for future graphic art novel.
A spin-off from and beneficiary of the launch from Hell World.  If we don't launch an independent Hell World TV series right away here's where the money's going:  Stargate-X : Hell Worlds
Tell Everyone!
Stargate-X New Stargate TV show following success of Hell World development project.

IMPORTANT NOTE - FREE SAMPLE: If anyone isn't sure about all this there's a Free Sample of my SF writing at Worldmaker.org

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[Keys:  Hell World Science fiction film series, Michael Bond's Hell World, Alien/Predator/Riddick concept Sci-Fi film series.  Inspired by Will Smith's "After Earth" and other SF films of the summer (2013).  Hell World is an SF concept for an ongoing series of films from Michael Bond. Investment opportunity in science fiction film and Sci-Fi television entertainment.  Graphic novels. Ultra-Smart Watch.]


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