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Stargate-X: Hell Worlds

Dateline: Monday 23th, September, 2013.

While preparing my final notes and campaign for Hell World's launch I came on a debate in the Sci-Fi fora about the future of Stargate.

I've already been working on ideas for a future Stargate TV show, with over sixty pages of notes, and believe if the Hell World project is successful it could lead to the development of that show alongside the Hell World series.

I don't have the resources or credibility to pitch this directly to MGM today, but if I can prove my capability with Hell World they may sit up and pay attention to my unique business and creative proposals for Stargate-X (see below).

Supporting Hell World could lead to a new Stargate project, tell everyone.

-  Michael Bond

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Key Plotline

Exploring the themes of exploration, evolution and the paths that different civilizations take to survive in a dangerous and hostile universe.

Set in the near future.  A new generation of Stargate explorers.  Adventures in the tradition of SG-1, from Earth through a Stargate Command now expanded and housed partly in Area 51 and partly on Atlantis floating in the remote Pacific and sometimes on the far side of the moon (depends on what mood they're in and whether they've been invaded by aliens this week).

Five seasons plotted to unfold one story:-

  1. A New Team and Lessons To Be Learnt.
  2. Adventures Through The Stargate and First Contacts.
  3. Light on Suspicions of Darkness.
  4. Investigations In Shadow.
  5. War Is Hell, Welcome To Hell.

The storyline is intended to be more "post 9/11".  Grittier, sexier, a little more grown-up, while retaining the deliciously black military humour of a good Stargate storyline, hopefully more humour than SG-Universe.

Meet The Team

SG-10 (Stargate-"X").  These are not SG-1. These are not even the elite of the scientific investigation on Atlantis.  These are the "Other Guys", the ones they send for to rescue SG-1, the ones guarding the gate when SG-1 get into trouble, the ones who take care of the mess afterwards and who get the lower ranking "quiet" worlds to visit.  But they're destined for heroism.  Their story will be told in the shadows.

They will be instrumental in a clash of civilizations that will blaze across a hundred worlds and bring mankind to the brink of extermination from a ruthless enemy.

And no one on Earth must discover the truth.

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Mission Briefing

DOWNLOAD Status Up-Date on Stargate-X
(Mission & Project Briefing)

Where is Stargate Command up to with their amazing adventures when the new team arrive? 
What's been happening to the universe since the adventures of SG-1? 
What happened to Atlantis?
Read some of the declassified data.
If you enjoy it then join the Crowd Funding campaign on Kickstarter to get over the first hurdles.

The Money Pitch: $200+ Million

Learn about my thinking on the big issue facing all studio executives:  "Show Me The Money".  How to reduce their risk and increase their rewards.

It is something I plan to address in due course.  Here is my initial thinking for the entire development programme.

The Money Pitch

Where Can I Keep In Touch?

Contact me by email and let me have your details if you want to have your name put down on the Stargate-X news list, along with other news and up-dates.

  Enquiry e-mail address



You can follow me through the generic Twitter feed on all matters of creativity and the Prosperity Plan for the revival of the economy at:-

Twitter @mbprosperity

There's a facebook page available for you and your social contacts to keep in touch with "Hell World" developments at:-


Spread the word, tell all your friends, get as many people as possible engaged in this project proposal.  Remember the Hell World rewards will come to you in the next year for your support of the Crowd Funding campaign, and its success is far more likely to win the approval of the Stargate owners.

Use the handy links on the right to tag these pages to your social network and tell the world.

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IMPORTANT NOTE - FREE SAMPLE: If anyone isn't sure about all this there's a Free Sample of my SF writing at

Book Of Dragon's Vale Short Story Link Image

IP SPECIAL NOTICE:  For the avoidance of all doubt, this and related pages are, solely for the creation and presentation of a creative pitch of "Stargate-X" to MGM, owners of the Stargate franchise.  No intention exists to use the "Stargate" name in any other fashion and this page will vanish should the pitch fail.  However, all original creative work, designs, styles, names, titles, etc., remain the sole, exclusive and nontransferable intellectual property of Michael Bond and may not be used by any party, including MGM, for any commercial activity without prior, written permission. 

IP NOTICE:  All intellectual property, copyright, applicable trademarks and design rights remain the sole property of the writer (Michael Bond) and are nontransferable.  No use, commercial or otherwise, of the writings, inventions, designs, logos, artwork, in part or whole is permitted without prior written and agreed permission from Michael. 

ORIGINAL WORK NOTICE:  The "Hell World" / "Michael Bond's Hell World" trilogy and associated sequels, prequels, television productions and other creative works in any and all media are the sole, exclusive creative origin of the writer.  No similarity to other works and no infringements on the work of other parties are intended and should not be assumed to imply their endorsement.   Any similarity with any person living or dead is purely coincidental.  If you cannot tell the difference with reality the writer suggests you seek psychiatric help, unless you live in California, in which case it's probably already too late.  Have a nice day.

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