Hell World Ultra-Smart Watch, new concept in intelligend watch design.

Hell World Ultra-Smart Watch
A New Concept In Intelligent Watch Design
for the
Hell World (TM) Film Series

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Hell World Ultra-Smart Watch

A new innovation to add to the rewards of enjoying the Hell World.
(Note: not available as Kickstarter rewards, because it would need a new special project, and demand thousands of supporters.)

Dateline: Monday 9th, September, 2013.

Last week the Samsung company announced their entry to the SmartWatch market, that new(ish) blend of digital watch and smartphone packaged into a brick on your wrist (WristBrick(TM)?).

As I read these announcements four days ago I realised there was a far better way to design a new Ultra-Smart Watch, something for everyone who loves high technology and great style, and something that would suit perfectly the Hell World production programme to add to the props in the films and merchandise for everyone to enjoy sharing.

This is it!  And it's not a big black brick!   

Hell World HWR Ultra-Smart Watch

Took me a few hours to rough out this design after mulling it over for the last couple of days.

The underlying engineering I'll leave to any experts who want to join in and anyone who wants to help me devise the special control programming needed to make it work well.  But I hope you enjoy this little tease of more things to come when you join me on Hell World.

Download and View the larger Briefing Illustration.


Any good, well-versed SF fan will know all about the TV film "12:01".  A man trapped in a time loop, struggling to discover how, why and what to do to save the world and the woman.

It pre-dated "Groundhog Day" by many years.

How Big Is HWR Ultra-Smart Watch?

The circular face is approximately 2.2 inches diameter.
The body is about 0.5 inches deep.
The paddle wings to each side add an inch to the width laid on your wrist.

More Tech. Specs for the Hell World Ultra-Smart Watch?

Undecided at this stage and the technology will get better over the next few years. Each time the technology improves a new upgraded version and slightly improved styling can be released.

As a "Watch" it will have to resist sweaty wearers and a more aggressive day-to-day use, so I plan it be waterproof, sealed for immersion in water like many wristwatches, and to withstand frequent shock.  Such sealing means it can not handle the heat discharge of heavy computing, unitl I add the high capacity cooler to the internal chipset alongside the highly conductive metal/alloy bodies.

A critical feature is that the Ultra-Smart Watch is NOT a shrunken smartphone.  To function efficiently in this small form factor it must adopt a distinct style of control and programming.  Small smart applications ("Smapps"?) will be needed to make best use of the limited capacity in the best way.  Control layout and internal operating system will differ from smartphones or tablets to simplify the elegance of the control techniques for ease of use and learning. 

Any Other Names For It?

If the battery life is limited, but sufficient it could be called a "Day Watch", meaning full function for one day, or standby for a week?

When the new super batteries and improved circuitry come online it will become far, far more practical and useful for long-term use, a week, a month, a year on one charge.

HWR stands for "Hell World/Rumbler".

Who's Going To Make It?

Ideally the Ultra-Smart Watch styling and some of the internal application and control functions I've invented should be licenced from me by one or all the major manufacturers: Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft/Nokia (MicroNok?), HTC, others?

This way they can modify some or all the elements for their own rebranding, but maintain a set of standard functions that everyone in the world will become familiar and comfortable with.

If they don't then it will be designed and developed in-house for the Hell World project, on all films, TV show, etc.

I will also be producing an Exclusive Limited Executive model for another project to-come - the Rumbler Sport Tank.

If you know anyone at the major companies tell them all about this and get in touch with me today.

Did YOU Really Design This...

In just two days!?

No, it only took one and a quarter days, plus a couple of days mulling it over after the first flash of inspiration, the image just stuck in my mind and I HAD to get it down before it faded away.

"Design by Bond"   

How Much Will It Cost?

Retail price depends on a lot of options and it's impossible to give an exact price at this stage.

Expect the standard Hell World models, with bluetooth headset, recharger pads, memory card, unlocked to any network (3G?), configuration and backup applications and set of internal Smapps / "miApps" (Mini Applications?) to be priced around £450.00.

Executive model, limited edition, in gold trim over titanium body with upgradable components and various accessories and toolkit will sell for £10,000.

Where Can I Order One Now?

Contact me by email and let me have your details if you want to have your name put down on the Hell World Ultra-Smart Watch order list.

  Hell World Ultra-Smart Watch
  Enquiry e-mail address


If there is enough serious interest, tell all your friends, perhaps we'll test the market and open a second Kickstarter project appeal and find out how many are prepared to put up enough to launch it - will need to raise several million to be practical, this is both a hardware design and logic development project for the operating system.  Might be better to wait and piggy-back on other projects, or wait for a nice big sponsor/licensee.




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IMPORTANT NOTE - FREE SAMPLE: If anyone isn't sure about all this there's a Free Sample of my SF writing at Worldmaker.org

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